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Web Portals are

The new face of custom desktop software and can be about anything your organization needs. They are platforms that enable your organization to perform any task required, for example, management and operation portal. These tools allow users to update, modify and analyze data with ease. Access to the portals is secured and activity of the user is monitored for security purposes.

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What to expect?

Web Portals are assets of organizations that are accessible to users who are given accessibility. The users are mainly affiliated to the organization and operate on the information on the portal. For example, university students need to access the university’s web portal to access learning material. Similarly, corporate portals are used by employees only to carry day-to-day tasks. Depending on your organization, services and the criteria of users, web portals are necessary for your organization.

  • - B2B Portals ( Manufacturer Portals)
  • - B2C Portals (E-Commerce Portals)
  • - Service Portals (Government portals)
  • - Community Portals (Pinterst)
  • - eLearning Portals
Pathway To Completion

We do not work in a hurry rather we divide and conquer. Shaping raw ideas into reality with simple milestones.


We study how your organization operates and how different departments are managed within the organization. This gives us an insight on the backend logic of the system to be developed.


Based on your information, we gather our creative team to design fitting user interfaces which is friendly and easy to understand; where with your feedback will be developed into reality.


Once the user interface is finalized, developers will build the foundation and integrate the approved interface design on the application; making sure that every required aspect is covered.


Once the entire system is complied, thorough testing is done to remove any bugs. The client is given a testing period where feedback changes will be done and will be deployed on its specified location.

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