Mr. Fix

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React Native

Looking to be the leading tech sellers and repair service providers in the Middle East, Mr. Fix was looking for professions to help their business empire grow. We helped them grow digital and reaching audiences better than conventional methods.

Our Journey Together

To expand their boundaries, Mr. Fix’s team approached us on ways they can expand smoothly with any hindrances. We provided business friendly consultation to pave a path to the betterment of to company. Our services included in mainly of developing an E-Commerce store that which included a tech repairing page. The E-Commerce store mainly consisted of technological assets such as workstations and mobiles. As Mr. Fix provided tech repair, a page was designed to allow customers to repair their techs without moving an inch with outclass pick and delivery system.


Through consultation, we provided Mr. Fix with a variety of ideas that best fit their scenario. However, after an extensive session with the team, it came to a conclusion that an E-Commerce store with tech repairing services was the most feasible option of the company.


We began to relate ideas that would benefit the company and started to draw a client friendly strategy. Explaining the pros and cons of the services we provided was necessary before starting the project. After defining the terms and technologies to work with, an agreement was made between both parties.


As we had a few templates, we began to modify theme and layouts of existing E-Commerce designs and adapting it to Mr. Fix’s ideal theme. Tech repairing page was also designed as a part of the E-Commerce website. A detailed E-Commerce layout was designed specifically on client demands.


Coding was on the designs that were approved by Mr. Fix’s team. Looking in way to add creative and security, we added cyber security protocols on payment gateways. Furthermore, we made sure that user interaction would be pleasurable as possible. The entire project had a duration of 4 months which was delivered with best regards for future endeavors.