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CRM stand for Customer Relationship Management and it is manages customer related data for a company. Companies use the system to extract customer preferences and other details to plan their marketing ideas or boost their product sales. Tools that are embedded into the CRM system allow its users to perform several different tasks at all levels.

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What to expect?

An organization can use CRM for multiple services ranging from sales to customer and employee management. It contains tools which are helpful for office management and account management thus making it a useful product. It helps automate tasks such as employee attendance, project management and customer interactions. Project management by managers is easier as tasks follow-ups and assigned can be done through CRM. Customer care is easier as customer details and services are all present in the CRM database. As the system is large with variety of functions, the system access can be limited for each user to create a safety measure for corporations. Using CRM, you can create datasets of sales, customer details, employee data and vendors to simplify several tasks. Companies can save resources and time if the CRM is used effectively and productivity increases as well. At Letscodify, we ourselves use our personalized CRM which is used for office workflow. The CRM is versatile and can be used in almost scenarios with custom tools.

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Sales Management

Your daily, weekly and monthly sales are recorded with providing concise details in statistically format to aid sales marketing and monitoring.

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Client/Customer Management

The system automatically stores contact information when inputted from sales or queries which create a data bank for the company.

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Marketing Aid

You can easily market your ideas and products through a one click option which is available to send details to all market prospects.

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Specific Access

The system can be modified to allow specific access to certain users; this is most done as a security preventative measure.


The CRM system assists organizations with multiple departments and employees by automating tedious tasks into a few simple procedures. Employee and customer data is organized into databases; leads are easily viewed, approached and evaluated through system tools. Tools can be added and likewise be removed from the system to ensure that recourses are not wasted on unwanted tools. As all the organization’s data is available in a single system, effortless data retrieval and storage is possible. One big advantage of CRM is that it can be a cloud system or hybrid which makes it versatile. Finally, innovativeness can be done in the form of social media integration and marketing which is not provided in most CRM system.

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