Let's Greet

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A signature art crafted by Letscodify to bring the organizations and professional personnel on the same platform for video conferencing and meetings. It is similar to Zoom and Microsoft Teams which allows its users to conduct at ease.

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What to expect?

Lets Greet is designed to be as user friendly as possible. With the use of simple tools such as Video Conferencing and messaging, it is easier to conduct official meetings without affecting the workflow. Users can create profiles which can then be used to add other profiles and start meetings. Verification checks are conducted to make sure that profiles created are not bogus. Like its competitors, the quality of video depends on the internet broadband and webcam being used.

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Chat Rooms

Messages can be sent in a private channel or individuals to have continuous coordination.

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Conference Rooms

Integrate live video calling or chats where your employees can meet and discuss their tasks in depth with ease.


This product is beneficial for organizations, schools and institutions; although institutions would benefit more from School Management System. Lets Greet is compatible with LMS and SMS thus making it flexible and creates new possibilities. Meetings can be arranged quickly with ease with saves time for all.

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Feel free to check out our product at anytime. Request for an operational product demo that helps you understand the product with ease. Ask our experts for any queries regarding the product at any time.