Forever Beauty Collection

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With the intention of meeting the supply and demand of health care and cosmetic products, Forever Beauty Collection wanted to create a digital selling platform to meet its goal. We aided them by bringing their idea into a physical shape into the market.

Our Journey Together

Looking to build an E-Commerce platform to directly reach their customers, Forever Beauty Collection’s team made an enquiry about their thoughts. Having several different products to market, they wanted an extensive E-Commerce website that is flexible and adaptable to complex changes. Integrating tools and features on the E-Commerce site allow smooth surfing and transactions. A few products were limited to certain locations; therefore restriction features were added on the shipping tools on the site. Secure payment gateways were added to the site to prevent any billing accidents to happen, creating a secure versatile E-Commerce stop.


Initially, Forever Beauty Collection’s team approached us directly enquiring about E-Commerce as they were aware of the services they needed. We elaborate our E-Commerce services and what we offer in its package.


We developed some strategies for their E-Commerce website, which were discussed in depth. Forever Beauty Collection’s team began to share the looks they had in mind for their E-Commerce store. Both parties agreed on a mutual strategy which brings the best look and revenue for the brand.


As soon as the project was on board, our designers began creating vibrant and aesthetic looks to the E-Commerce store. From our collection of minds, we designed a look that was thought to be effective from the brand.


Developers were assigned to code the design when approval of the design was positive. Implementing tools for advertisements and promotional packages were placed at critical positions. The user interface was sleek that no user will ever have problems navigating the site. It took us 4 months to complete the entire E-Commerce store with product entry.