Courier Management System

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Courier Management System or CMS is a tool that is used by organizations that have to deliver couriers to specific locations within a country or worldwide. It can be provided with different tools that are vital in managing, organizing and analyzing of couriers through delivery management tools.

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What to expect?

Courier Management System enables organizations that deal with package deliveries to come at ease through its extensive tools. The system allows its users to place new packages deliveries, get record of their deliveries and track current couriers. This is beneficial for those who run a transport or customer delivery business. The Letscodify CMS allows its users to engage in modern practices with user friendly interfaces to increase your work’s efficiency. This can be integrated with other products such as customer relation management system which help increase customer satisfaction through feedbacks. Specific tools can be added upon request which give your brand uniqueness.

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Schedule Management

Transport drivers are automatically given a transport schedule for the next day. Pick up and drop off are all available at the driver’s convenience to ease management.

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Live Tracking

Through GPS tracking, vehicles now are able to give live location of couriers. This increase reliability of shipper and increases customer satisfaction.

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Secure Data

Courier data is embedded in barcodes and serial numbers to hide personal client details and faster to read courier details as well.


CMS helps courier transport organizations which deal locally within a country or internationally. It saves time and money, through automation of clerk task and printing delivery details to name. Furthermore, it is user friendly as it is easy to book an order and track it; as well as increasing productivity in the organization. CMS is subjective to upgrades and integration with other products such as Inventory or Warehouse Management Systems. Mobile integration is also possible to allow users to view their orders, while delivery personnel can manage orders easily. Saves paper in the long run thus beneficial for the environment.

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