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Learning Management System or LMS for short is used for educational purposes within organizations and institutions to educate its users or students. During the pandemic, LMS has proven to be a vital platform for companies and educational institutions to provide remote learning for all.

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What to expect?

At Letscodify, we have a personalized LMS that has several functions that are embedded into it. There is an administration panel which allows them to upload videos, documents and use features such as private rooms. The student panel is used by the users which are given access to the LMS to access the material uploaded there. In an LMS, you can organize, share and analyze information into a manageable format that will benefit you and organization in multiple ways. You can consider this an asset if you are an educational institution or provider. Furthermore, organizations can give employee trainings through this medium to save time and money.

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LMS is a versatile system; it can be programmed into different formats such as Window, Mobile or Cloud. Depending on your requirements, our LMS can be modified to be an effective product.

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UI/UX Designs

Interfaces can be developed to create a smoothing environment rather than a typical boring learning environment. Making user experience better by designing conceptual interfaces.

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Social Media Integration

LMS can be integrated with tools that allow users and administrators to share material on social media platforms. This tool can be used as a marketing tool for certain organizations.

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Exam and Certification Online

Through LMS, exams and certification tests can be carried out using a private window or webcam access to prevent cheating and malpractices.

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Course Management and Support

Managing materials to create a better learning environment for users while obtaining support in the form of updates and customer care helpline is available for clients.


They save time and money for both organizations and users as the latter does not need to travel to learn. Furthermore, location is no longer an issue as LMS allows remotely learning in the best quality possible. Administrators can create an environment in which they can operate and teach the best using class management tools to be more effective than traditional teaching. Finally, LMS have security protocols that prevent any content and user data to fall into the wrong hands.

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