Room Service Q8

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React Native

Room Service Q8 is an E-Commerce platform based in Kuwait that visualizes reaching customers directly in their comfort zone. To take advantage of the digital market, Room Service Q8 was positive in its idea and ready to engage in digital selling.

Our Journey Together

Room Service Q8 knew what services they were looking for when they approached us. They had a huge inventory of goods they wanted to sell; they were looking for developers who have worked on E-Commerce stores to make sure their business is not affected at any cost. We showed our portfolio regarding E-Commerce stores, and explained our idea for their digital store. The E-Commerce store will only target Kuwait, thus tools for shipping and transport were not required. Furthermore, specific payment tool were required by the company, which operate locally. Security protocols were added to payment gateways to allow secure and safe transactions to be made with ease.


Little consultation was required in the case of Room Service Q8 as they were specific in their needs. We did explain some of the tools and techniques that were going to be implemented in the E-Commerce store that ensure smooth surfing and checkout.


Room Service Q8’s team was brought together with our team to discuss project plans and terms of work and completion to follow. These were drawn up favoring the client which is one of your vital practices. We reached a conclusion in a short time, which then began our journey together.


We initiated designing E-Commerce store layouts based on the client’s requirements and color palette. Designers also modified existing templates that were designed for other clients; collectively they were sent to Room Service Q8’s team for approval.


Once the approval was received, we began to bring those designs in an operational format for customers to use. This process took about 6 months to complete from the initiation of the project. Delivering our work with clarity and proficiency that surpassed their expectation.