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Online Test Portal is basic a secure platform where test can be conducted in a proper examination environment. This is an effective solution for educational institutions of all categories to take test of any form with ease.

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What to expect?

In an online test portal, the admin which consists of educators are able to create tests. The tests can be in any form they desire such as MCQs and “Fill the blank”. Once they design the test, they can assign it to as many student they want. The user panel is for mainly students and test takers. They take the tests at the specified time and are monitor through screen sharing. The data from tests are stored on cloud or a designated location under high security protocols; admin can access the data anytime. Results are automatically calculated from predefined answers by the admin; furthermore results will be shown to the users at the specified time by admin as well. It is a simple system with minimum user interaction making it the best examination method.

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Unlimited Tests

Examiners do not have worry about seating arrangements as it possible to have unlimited seats for a single exam.

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Online test portal can hold examination materials that will be essential for students to prepare. Storage for study material can be integrated to the system.


Online test allow users to take the exams in their desirable clothes and location which removes stress and helps them to focus. The examiners can designs exams easily with extensive tools that make the exam elegant. The system is simple and the interface is user friendly. Results of the exam are calculated automatically as soon as the students submit their exams and in some cases in a day or two.

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