Yasir Usmani

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Spreading Islamic teaching, Yasir Usmani was enthusiastic about increasing his reach and promoting clear and un-biased values of Islam. With the intentions of educating Muslims and Non-Muslims in Islamic values and prohibitions, he has reached his viewers through videos, website and now mobile application.

Our Journey Together

Yasir Usmani is one of our oldest clients; we began our collaboration through editing and animating his videos about Islamic teachings and Quran recitation. Our work proved to be beneficial for him where he gained attention from young viewers. He then consulted his team to grow further which was creating a digital profile for his audience. He reached out to us regarding the ideal website he should have for his purpose. Through a lengthy session, the results came to be an informative website that contains his educational videos as well content that clears doubts from individuals. We designed and developed his entire website during a period of 4 months which is currently live and operational. The website contains in depth lectures and audio files for all his viewers that has promote his name worldwide. Yasir Usmani’s latest digital approach was Mobile Application development. We are currently under production of his personalized mobile application which will contain his lectures, Quran recitation and other information of Islamic norms. His website and mobile development had detailed discussions and agreements which were applied in their respective development.


Before beginning website and mobile development projects, Yasir Usmani consulted us on several doubts he had regarding technologies and securities. We provided a brief and concise consultation that cleared his doubts and began to forge a new path for his work.


We sat down with Yasir Usmani and his team to discuss their ideas on website and mobile application. In both cases, strategies were developed benefiting the client the most and project planning was done with professionalism, with the minimum duration possible.


For the website, designers were assigned to assist Yasir Usmani’s team, and create an elegant design that matches with Yasir Usmani’s profession. Currently, we have developed a few designs for his mobile application with a unique color palette and inspirational design which have been approved by the Yasir Usmani.


Web designs were approved and developed into functional codes that create a digital stop for students, lecturers and followers to gain knowledge of the teaching of Islam. The website was developed and deployed within 4 months from scratch. Whereas, the development of the mobile application has just begun and is in its initial stages and is expected to be delivered within 3 months.