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Point of Sale or POS are basically checkout points at retail or wholesale stores that create an impact on the user’s business. They increase productivity while managing multiple workflows within a specified location. It manages sales, inventory, payment and customer details in day to day work.

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What to expect?

Point of Sale systems help business owners to manage their stores or outlets with ease; though POS have to connect with other peripheral devices to work effectively. Managing inventory, sales and customer records are some of the operations that are done by the POS. Letscodify integrates flexibility into point of sale systems to allow its clients to benefit from this product. Several Point of Sale systems can be integrated together to manage stores over a large geographical range. Moreover, cloud POS are available for clients to manage and view details remoltey with comfort.

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Report Production

POS are able to draw detailed reports of sales and inventory; analysis of crucial aspects of the business are also done.

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Customer Management

POS interact with customers through logging customer details which are then used to market products or loyalty packages.

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Employee Management

Employees must use their credentials to operate a POS, this creates an automated employee management system which records the duration of worked hours.


POS sale remove manual data entry at sale and inventory which speeds up the work environment and promotes automation of clerk jobs. Weekly and monthly reports are produced at just a click, inventory management is automated which enables high priority orders of products. Employee tracking is done through POS, who has completed the most hours and overtime. Attendance is also tracked through POS as well. This saves money for businesses as resources are not wasted on different unnecessary products.

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