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Office Management System as the name suggest is used to manage office workflow through essential tools and techniques. The system is often large and complex which has multiple users accessing it as one time. Within an organization, different departments have different access to the system.

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What to expect?

There are several tasks that can be done through this system; the most common tool it is used for is attendance marking of employees. Employees use this system to coordinate with their colleges and discuss work related doubts with ease. Project managers can assign tasks to their employees through the system to increase productivity. Managing employees and their respective progress is done through this system. Tools such as conferences calling can be added to office management systems to make it more reliable and effective. At Letscodify, we use a personalized Office Management System that records employee data, attendance, progress, task management and salary calculation through one system.

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Specific Access

Different departments have limited access to the system, this aspect is essential to create a security barricade.

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Project Management

Projects are organized in specific manner that are analyzed by accessible personnel. Stay updated on all projects at just a click.

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You are able to view the location of the organization’s offices and employees at the time they login to be aware of their working location.

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Meeting Room

Integrate live video calling or chats where your employees can meet and discuss their tasks in depth with ease.


It enables your organization’s employee to be updated with the office tasks and ongoing projects through a user friendly interface. Engage in digital practices that promote team building and productive learning. Mark employee’s attendance, produce salary payrolls and allow your employees to communicate with their heads through one platform. This saves resources and brings your entire organization on one unifying asset.

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